Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of online giving?

It makes it easy to fulfill stewardship committments, even when you're unable to attend church. You never have to bring cash or checks to church. Giving electronically also helps save the church money and plan it's budget!

How are my contributions automatically deducted from my account?

Once you complete the online registration form, the contribution amount you specify will automatically be transferred from your bank account or credit card on the frequency you've selected.

When will my contribution be deducted from my account?

Your contribution will be deducted on the same day you schedule the electronic donation and will occur on the same day each week, or month based on the frequency you selected.

Just as you rely upon receiving income on a regular basis, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church relies on your regular contributions. Mt. Carmel appreciates the efforts of our parishoners to make consistent donations throughout the year, especially during popular winter and summer travel periods. To assist you, the church provides a convenient online giving option for setting up regular contributions. Please click the button below or contact the church if you have questions.


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