Protecting God's Children

Archdiocese of Los Angeles Policies and Procedures for Creating a Safe Environment for All of God's Children

OLMC Safeguard the Children Committee members are listed below:

Fr. Lawrence Sayer, Pastor
Sr. Rosalie Cullen, Director of Religious Education
Sarah Mack, Youth Minister
Tracie Simolon, Principal, Our Lady of Mt Carmel School
Sr. Kathleen Patrice, Outreach Coordinator
Bridget Crooks, Parishioner, VIRTUS Facilitator
Jamie Ruffing, PhD, Parent and Parishioner
Dr. Bob Nagy, Parishioner
Jim Langhorne, Parishioner

If you have questions about our Parish Committee or would like more information, please contact the Faith Formation Office at (805) 969-4868.

Archbishop José H. Gomez

Working Together To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse:

Keeping Ministerial Relationships Healthy & Holy

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

As I travel through our Archdiocese of Los Angeles, I am impressed and humbled by the vibrant faith of our diverse Catholic community. Our parishes and schools are filled with clergy and laity dedicated to prayer and the service of others.
As the People of God, we recognize and take seriously our responsibility to care for one another. An important aspect of this responsibility is ensuring that all of our ministries are safe for our children and young people.
Sexual abuse is a terrible crime and sin, and no segment of society is immune to it. In our efforts to prevent it, we must recognize the behaviors and situations that can give rise to abusive actions. We must also know how to bring suspected or observed abuse and misconduct to the attention of the proper authorities.
Every Parish in our Archdiocese has a representative who can train and provide resource materials to inform to abuse prevention policies, educational programs and resources that have been implemented in parishes and schools throughout the Archdiocese. These resources outline information about creating safe environments, what to do and who to contact if you suspect or witness abuse or misconduct, how to obtain pastoral care for abuse victims, and much more.  Please read it carefully, and keep it for easy reference.
Our children are our precious future. Let us all continue to work together to protect them from all harm, especially that of sexual abuse.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Most Reverend José H. Gomez
Archbishop of Los Angeles
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