Saying one thing and doing something else is a temptation we often face.  Today's Bible Readings challenge us to say and do, to live and be what we are as Christians.  In today's Gospel (Matthew 21:28-32) we hear of two sons.  The first says "No" but then changes and does what his father asks.  The other son says "Yes" but does nothing.  We are often tempted to say "No" to God in pursuing what we want.  Today we are called to change our "No" into "Yes" which will show itself in words and actions as we follow Christ's way of life.  
Christ's example is one of self-emptying, of losing oneself to do God's will in love and so come to glory (as St. Paul tells us today in Philippians 2:1-11).  God is always inviting and calling us in his great love and mercy (as we hear today in Ezekiel 18:25-28).  All we need to do is to turn towards his open arms to receive forgiveness and fullness of life and to live in his love, always saying "Yes" to God in words and actions in love for God and others.  This is the way to happiness in life.
* We ask your prayers for our Confirmation teen candidates who are on retreat this Sunday as part of their preparation to receive the Holy Spirit in Confirmation.
* Children from our Sunday morning Religious Education Program will help us celebrate the 10 AM Mass this Sunday.
* Our Religious Education Program on Sunday morning is blessed with wonderful catechists (teachers) and helpers but few students in grades K-5.  We would like to remind parents how important it is to bring your children to the Sunday morning Religious Education (or Faith Formation) Program if your children are in public or private school.  If you wish to enroll your child, please call Sister Kathleen Patrice at the Religious Education Office (969-4868) or e-mail srkathleen@mountcarmel  Classes meet from 8:40 to 9:50 AM each Sunday.  More information will be found elsewhere in today's bulletin. 
* Have you ever thought of becoming a Catholic?  Do you have any questions about the Catholic Church?  Do you know someone who is interested in learning about our Catholic Faith?  Are you a Catholic who has not received Confirmation or First Holy Communion?  You are invited to join Father Steve and the Parish RCIA team on Tuesday nights in the Spiritual Library of the School from 7:00 to 8:30 PM.  Any questions?  Call Father Steve at the Parish Office (969-6868).
* Very many thanks to all who are responding to the Adopt-A-Student Appeal for donations or pledges to provide scholarship tuition help for students at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.  Your gift could cover the weekly cost of $145, the monthly cost of $550, or the full $5,510 to educate a child for the entire year.  Information will be found in the envelopes at the doors of the Church.
1. Work continues on renovating the men's rest room in the Parish Hall because of a methane gas leak there.  In removing the sewer line it was found in poor condition so we decided to remove the sewer line in the women's rest room (which was also buried under concrete).  This means that both rest rooms in the Parish Hall will now be closed until the renovation work is completed and then both rest rooms will be wheelchair accessible. In the meanwhile, the Church rest rooms will be available for use whenever there are activities in the Parish Hall.  Cost estimate: $25,000.
2. We are waiting for the new awning installation at the Parish Hall and then the replacement of the awnings at the house and parking areas of the home of the Pastor Emeritus.  Cost estimate: $12,670.
3. Work to prevent rusting on the bell structure on the Church roof is now complete.  Cost: $1,400.
4. Work is completed on the renovation of the School offices, administrative and faculty area of the School; the painting of the outside of the School buildings; and some heating and air conditioning work in the Rectory.
We are very grateful to four parish families who have made generous donations to fund these projects.  This week one family made another gift of $5,000 so we have received $19,711.  We are also very grateful to a parish family who have donated beautiful tables and chairs for the renovated School faculty room.

First Friday of Every Month - Transition House

Parish Hall Kitchen - In keeping with our First Friday tradition, we will be responsible for the evening meal at Transition House. Transition House is a community sponsored temporary home for families with children. Help is needed - if you can help for this one evening, please call Rina & Alvin Bentajado at 687-8737. Monetary donations may be sent c/o Mt Carmel Parish.

Every Friday Lectio Divina Prayer Group 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

A prayer group for the whole family, Everyone welcome. Meets in the Spiritual Center. For more info call Rafael & Jessie Victoria @ 962-3465.

OLMC Spiritual Center

Open most Sundays from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. noon. Located behind the Church, in front of the school lunch benches. Email

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