A true prophet is a messenger of God who is called and sent by God to comfort the afflicted and afflict or challenge the comfortable. "Comfort, give comfort to my people" are the opening words of Isaiah Chapter 40. You will find some of the most comforting words of God in the chapters following Isaiah 40.

Yet we hear in today's First Reading from Ezekiel (2:2-5) how God is sending the prophet to a people who are "hard of face and obstinate of heart...But you shall say to them: Thus says the Lord God! And whether they heed or resist - for they are a rebellious house - they shall know that a prophet has been among them."

People resist and reject Je-sus, the Great Prophet, as he speaks today to the people of his home town of Nazareth. Their lack of faith prevents him from performing any mighty deed there. Do we listen, are we open, to hear what God is saying to us in the preaching in Church, in prayer each day, in our Bible reading, in each event of life and each person we meet?

• This July 4th weekend we celebrate the great blessing of freedom in our land. God bless America!
• We are blessed to have Father Liam O'Connell, S.J., with us in our parish in July as Father Steve, our Pastor, is away on vacation.
• Major repairs are taking place this summer. Here are some of the projects:
1. Installing a new school roof on the west wing of our parish school, from classroom 7 to the school office. Cost: $38,550
We had leaks on this roof during the school year, especially over the 7th grade classroom. We are hoping for lots of rain this fall and winter so this work is important. Work begins on July 6th. .
2. Work has begun on replacing the main water line from Hot Springs Road to the Church and Rectory.  Estimated cost: $34,000
The pipe is as old as the Church (79 years). Last July, a major leak happened and the repair cost was $1,030, plus a water penalty of $600 for the loss of water. In replacing the water line, the gas line will also be replaced and a water line will be installed that one day will service a sprinkler system in the Church. Please be careful as the walkway between the Church and school will be closed for some weeks for trench digging,
3. Asphalt repair will take place early in August on sections of the school playground. Cost: $10,000.
These three projects must take place during the summer while school is closed. Some additional projects will take place in August (e.g., installing a new video projector system in the Parish Hall for use by the school and Youth Group and all our edu-cation programs).
We invite donations from generous parishioners and friends for any of these projects. Any gifts or donations would be helpful in meeting the many needs for maintaining and renovating our Church and school buildings.
Many thanks to all for your generous contribu-tions to our Church in the Offertory Collection each Sunday. Here is the report on the Offertory Collec-tion for Sunday, June 6th/7th:
Envelopes & Plate Collection     $6,311
Donations for Maintenance       $    545
                                 Total       $6,856
Our collections are smaller in the summer months as may people travel out of town. The aver-age collection would need to reach $8,500 each Sunday to avoid another parish operating deficit for the fiscal year which ends June 30th. Your generosity in the summer months is very important for our parish.
We also invite larger donations from parishioners and friends who can do so. Your generous contributions fund all the parish worship, religious, educational and service programs of our parish.
Online giving is now available at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.  To learn more and to make a contribution, visit the Giving page on our site or simply click on the DONATE button. 
Many thanks and God's blessings on you and your family.

El Campo Del Sol - supplies/donations needed

El Campo Del Sol August 9, 2015 A fun-filled day of games, art and music for 150 economically poor Children & Teens who live in Carpinteria. 1. We are in need of gently used clothing for children and teens. 2. We are also in need of donations to purchase school supplies to fill backpacks for the Children. If you can help, please contact Sister Kathleen Patrice 969-4868. Progam flyer attached 

wysiwyg_uploads/file/El Campo Del Sol 2015.pdf

First Friday of Every Month - Transition House

Parish Hall Kitchen - In keeping with our First Friday tradition, we will be responsible for the evening meal at Transition House. Transition House is a community sponsored temporary home for families with children. Help is needed - if you can help for this one evening, please call Rina & Alvin Bentajado at 687-8737. Monetary donations may be sent c/o Mt Carmel Parish.

First Friday Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will begin after the 7:45 am Mass and conclude with Benediction at 12 noon. Please come by and pray for vocations and peace.

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May Our Lady of Mount Carmel be with you always. May she be the star that guides you and never disappears from your horizon. May she lead you now, throughout your life, and at its completion to a safe haven.
—Pope John Paul II